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My top tips on choosing the best book for you 


Learn what you love

I’m personally not a fan of non-fiction or at least so far. Sometimes its important to go with what you love rather than reading something because you feel you have to. If you love fantasy then that's great embrace it. I personally hate horror, Stephen King is a great writer and I can appreciate that but i don't want to not be able to sleep for two weeks cause I’m scared.


DON'T read something because you feel you should. The amount of times I've bought book and felt like I should enjoy it because other people have or its the 'book of the year'. Reading is really personal, and one book might be despised by one person and loved by another - one reason why reviews are so contentious as every single person's views points are so different.


This being said I have recently been trying to try out new genres and push the boat out as it’s good to get out of your comfort zone as you may come across something you really love! 

Number 1 isn't everything

Don't always abide by the WHSmiths (just an example) best books of the week. I have honestly read so many which have been rated really highly and ended up being so disappointed by a bang average book.I am still confused half the time about who judges these and why they haven't been sacked yet. Definitely take your time choosing the book to buy and don't just go straight to number 1. 

Ask an expert

DO : your research. I often listen to 'a good read' on radio 4 or look at the best books of the year. I'm a big believer in asking a librarian/ person who works in a book shop what they recommend. Whenever I go into Waterstones I will always ask those who work there what they recommend. I might say some of the books I enjoy and ask for something similar. It's a really good way of finding a book you might not have otherwise heard about.

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Take your time 

We are told from a young age not to judge a book by a its cover and yet that is essentially what we have to do. Choosing a book can feel overwhelming sometimes, you walk in and there are thousands to choose from all claiming to be just as good as the next. when I have the time, I love to pick up everyone that I am drawn to and think might be a possibility, then go and sit down for the next 30 mins deciding which one or two are best suited for me. 

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Re-visit your favourites

While its always great to read new books and expand your horizons, i love going back to an old favourite story and remebering how great it was. I can't even tell you how many times I must have read the Harry Potter series and its just as good the 20th time round! I remember all my old childhood/ early teenager books and I had the pre-concpetions that maybe looking back they probably weren't that good. But it was the opposite! Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, the twilight books, the Alex Rider series, Angus Thongs and perfect snogging - they were all so good! I would definitely recommend going back to a book you used to love but can't quite remember as more often then not you loved them for a reason!


Book Swap 

One of the best ways to find a good book is to read one your friend/family member read and loved themselves. plus it saves a ton of money. DO give a book you love to a friend. Something I've learnt is theres nothing better than passing along a book you've loved reading to your friend or family and them having the same reaction. OR event them hating it and debating every detail of the book and why you felt the way you did.

My mantra to a good book is one that you come away from with a new persepective on something, or one that really changes how you feel about something. If you find that - PASS IT ON! 

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