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Mac Os X Theme For Windows Xp Download leanike




Microsoft released the new theme for Windows XP yesterday, but until now, only a handful of users were able to download it. Microsoft previously released a Windows Vista theme to celebrate the OS's release. (Note: I'm using a Mac, so the menu and control panel look quite familiar to you.) If you'd like to try it out for yourself, head over to the Windows XP Theme Page on Microsoft's website and select the theme by clicking the "Click here to download the Windows XP Aqua theme" link. Apple fanboys will find it hard to argue with Microsoft's new theme; after all, it looks a lot like their other favorite OS, Vista. It's not the first time the two companies have decided to collude to create something that sounds a lot like a rival's operating system. More recently, many Apple fans have been concerned about the similarities between the company's new iPad and the MacBook Air. The two computers look very similar, even down to the type of plastic used to make their cases. “It seems like Apple just plagiarized the design of their new laptop,” a commenter at said recently. “I think Apple is going to get sued.” This is obviously a ridiculous notion. The two computers have a lot of differences that make them clearly unique. They’re not simply identical in every way, although Apple has made some alterations to make the computer more Mac-like, such as the inclusion of a full-size keyboard and optical drive. It's hard to say what Apple has on its mind. The company has been quite secretive about the design of the computer. That hasn't stopped Apple geeks from speculating wildly, though. Regardless of Apple's intentions, the company has found itself in hot water over other design similarities. The company was sued by Apple Fanboys earlier this month over claims that the “flat design” used in iOS is a rip-off of the beautiful rounded-corner design used by the iPhone and iPad. Apple made a brief concession that the design looks similar, but it continues to deny the claims. However, it may be time for Apple to stop playing the Big Brother game and to just show its products in a straight up way.Cantor, Cantor, Cantor Can we just say that the GOP has an internal conflict? Certainly, we know how much congressional Republicans love to purport that they are like the




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Mac Os X Theme For Windows Xp Download leanike

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