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The Online Book Club

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

So I don't know about everyone else but since starting actual adult life and getting a 'real job' I definitely don't have the time to join a book club where you meet up to chat about the latest book of the month. This gave me some inspo to just do it online instead.

Every month I will post a book that is either currently really popular or has been controversial in some way and if you would like, please to add it to your things to do this month. Please feel free to leave comments on what you thought of the book, good/bad/dreadfull and why!

I always enjoy the aftermath of a good book if I can discuss it with someone who has also read it, this way we can do it with loads of people!

Please drop me an email if there is any book recommendations you would like me to post for future months and I will happily add it to the list!

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