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The Innocent Wife

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

This book had a lot of up’s and downs for me but at the end I was a tad underwhelmed. I felt that it had a lot of potential, the story line did have merit, but it felt rushed and un-explained throughout.

There was little character development, the protagonist Sam clearly had many issues which were skated over and merely referred to rather than explored. I feel that if it was possible to make more connection with her then maybe I would have invested more in the book but as it was I was more of an observer to the story then in the story with them.

The beginning felt rushed, several letters later and Sam and Dennis are in love. A massive flaw for me was that Dennis’ character and feelings were never explained. They were conveyed second hand through Carrie, yet we never got an explanation how he was in love with Sam when he was in Prison and then seemed to regard her with disgust for the rest of the book.

The ending did liven the plot up, shock (not) Dennis was the killer all along but Lindsey, Harris and his father’s involvement did deepen the book’s plot line. I was disappointed however, as I felt Dennis was a much more interesting character than Sam and we again don’t hear the back story which underlines the whole plot. What was the point in writing all of the answers to the book’s questions without any explanation for the characters actions. The ending while for me rushed, was a good conclusion to the tale, a spherical loop which placed the reader and characters almost back to the start.

Overall, it was a fairly average book but not enough to rave about or to refer to a friend. 5/10

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