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Our House - Louise Candlish

This book was a mixed one for me. The first 100/200 pages were pretty boring, and I considered whether to carry on reading – I’m glad I did as the novel did start to come together by the end, I just felt it took its time getting there.

The story follows Fi Lawson a 42-year-old mum who comes back to her million-pound house in London after a few days away and finds it has been sold to new owners without her knowledge. With the promise of a shocking thriller, the story is told retrospectively by Fi and her recently separated husband Bram via word document. I wouldn’t call it a conventional thriller, I saw someone else review this book and describe it as ‘a genre that crosses chick-lit with light domestic suspense’ which I felt summed this up rather accurately. My mum and her friends would probably enjoy this book – marriage breakdowns, worries about the kids, housing prices blah blah, but personally I didn’t feel particularly invested or connected to any of the characters.

There were some unexpected twists throughout and the last page certainly didn’t disappoint, I think if the book had less conversation and lead up then the book would have had much more suspense and intrigue. It was a very easy read, I found myself drawn in and by the end, I did enjoy it.


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