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Frankissstein: A Love Story - Jeanette Winterson

9/10 !!!

This book jumped out to me in Waterstones and despite the price (£20!) I had to have it!

The blurb: In Brexit Britain, a young transgender doctor called Ry is falling in love - against their better judgement - with Victor Stein, a celebrated professor leading the public debate around AI. Meanwhile, Ron Lord, just divorced and living with Mum again, is set to make his fortune launching a new generation of sex dolls for lonely men everywhere. Across the Atlantic, in Phoenix, Arizona, a cryogenics facility houses dozens of bodies of men and women who are medically and legally dead... but waiting to return to life. But the scene is set in 1816, when nineteen-year-old Mary Shelley writes a story about creating a non-biological life-form. 'Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful.'

It sounded completely wacky but also so different to anything I had seen published recently. It lived up to it's expectations, with a completely original storyline and completely intriguing characters - one of the best books I've read this year! 10/10 for originality.

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