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Everything I know about love - Dolly Alderton

When I first heard about this book I couldn't have been less interested. My friends at work were discussing it talking about how it basically was just about this Dolly girl's life and boys and parties etc. I've never had much interest in auto/biography and thought the same with this... do i really give af about a strangers life? (rude but ?)

BUT I finally succumbed. EVERYONE and i mean everyone was either talking about it or reading it on the tube. I hate not having an opinion on something everyone's reading so off to the shops i went so i could put my 20 pence into the conversation. All in all it was a life lesson to not be so arsy - naturally i bloody loved this book.

It follows Dolly's life from school, uni, graduate, life in London - as the title says parties, dates, friends, jobs, life and love. I didn't think i would have much interest in someone else's essentially diary of their life but SO much of the book resonated with me. I completely forgot at times i was reading about someone else's life cause it felt so much of the time to be describing me and my friends and situations I've been in. The book was so raw in emotions - it wasn't a glossy cover of what life could be like, but instead a rough unrefined reality of shit that you go through growing up. It bought me some home truths, that some behaviour isn't necessarily healthy or will benefit you down the line (that sounds well boring i know but just read it and you'll see what i mean). Me and my mates on nights out always push it to the boundaries - its always like 'go on it will be funny' 'it will be a great story' etc. Most of the time yeah it fucking is its absolutely hilarious, but it was also a reminder that sometimes 'will be funny tho' isn't really going to cut it. She writes a lot about the intensity of some relationships with men, the wish for intimacy and excitement and the throwing yourself fully into things head first. There was definitely a lot to learn from this - for me anyway who is a jump first think later type of person.

The book is essentially a love letter. Not to the fuckwit lads that she meets on the way...but to her friends and family. This book really was for them, you can tell the amount of love she has for them while writing it - yet written in such a way that you feel like your her mate and just as much involved in this all consuming life.

When critics write things like 'this book will make you laugh and cry' i'm always like yeah OK whose paying you to write these things. But in this instance i did genuinely laugh and there were chapters where i actually cried my eyes out (don't let this put you off - it's beautifully written and worth the sadness). It was such an authentic journey that by the end I felt that there was someone who understood how hard it actually is growing into adulthood. You chat to your mates all the time about life but seeing someones journey and how fucked up certain parts of life is, kind of really helped normalise what living in London in your 20s is all about.

All in all this has been all over the place i need to come back and edit and delete pretty much all of this. BUT what i want to say is that this book really helped me and i found a lot of comfort and solace in it. You'll laugh your knickers off and cry your eyes out but its a 10/10 for me. Nearly all of my mates have loved it too. It's a book i keep passing out to everyone and anyone telling them they HAVE to read it. So if you notice every man and his dog reading it as'll know why.

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