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Dominicana - Angie Cruz

Ok i'm shallow - i only picked this up because the hardback looked so pretty. But everyone does this whether they admit it or not!

This book follows the journey of 15yr old Ana who leaves her life in the 1965 politically torn Dominica to marry Juan Ruiz and move to New York. The book explores the opportunity she and her family see of escaping their country and fulfilling the idea of the 'american dream' and emigrating to join her. Miserable, lonely and trapped in a 6th floor flat Ana realises America is not all its cracked up to be. Throughout the book Ana has the chance to take English lessons, go dancing, movies, experiencing more of a life. It explores the choice between her heart and wishes and duty to her family.

Writing the review of this a few months later I've realised how boring i actually found it. At the time i thought it was a really good book and enjoyed it. Now looking back i completely forgot it ever existed which doesn't say much. It did open my eyes to lots of areas of life i wasn't aware of and i guess it was a nice story. would i recommend it? Maybe - but it definitely wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the list.

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