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This month's book is Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty.

This book situates nine strangers undertaking a 'luxury' retreat where it soon transpires no-one can leave. This book is gripping from the first page. Hope you enjoy it!

Book Club Questions

§ We read Frances’ viewpoint the most, why do you think the author placed such an emphasis on her viewpoint?

§ This one deals quite a bit with the suicide of Napoleon and Heather’s son Zach. Each of the three family members blames themselves. Let’s talk about this and how it impacted the three family members relationships with each other.

§ Why do you think Frances fell for the online scam? What do you think she was searching for?

§ Tony is pretty gruff to begin with but we start to get to know him better. Were you surprised that him and Frances got together or did you see it coming?

§ Why do you think Lars goes to these health resorts?

§ Why would Masha pretend she put the house on fire? Was she simply high and out of her mind?

§ Even though Masha’s tactics were fairly insane, they kind of seemed to work on everyone. What do you think about that?

§ What did you think about the ending?

§ What do you think was the overall message of this story?

§ Would you ever go to a health resort?

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