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I have loved reading my whole life and for some reason stopped at uni when all of a sudden it seemed a chore. Reading meant work not downtime right? 

Having moved to London I realised what better way to make my commute on the dreaded northern line to work better than passing the time with the latest books. Instead of scrolling endlessly at the latest food trend on instagram, I can now get lost in a book for nearly two hours a day. 


I love pretty much any genre (horror aside) and sharing my favourite or not so favourite books saves me watching old episodes of come dine with me every night. 


I would love to have as many of you as possible reading, sharing and enjoying the love of books that I'm sure we all had at one point in our lives. Whether its with a glass of wine or cup of tea go pick up one of your old favourites and get lost in a good book. 


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